Apart from Amphawa Floating Market, there is a traditional floating market called Tha Kha Floating Market.

Tha Kha Floating Market is more uncommercialized, a lot less busy than Amphawa Floating Market. This is a place where people in this area come to exchange their agricultural product such as spice, onion, garlic, coconut sugar, guava, rose apple, and pomelo.

You can have a delicious meal from the boat. You can have a boat trip along the canal and it is really recommended.

The market is open for visitor from 06.00 to 12.00 between Saturday and Sunday.

ตลาดน้ำท่าคา รูปจากการท่องเที่ยวแห่งประเทศไทย

The direction to Tha Kha Floating Market from Thongchai Resort Amphawa takes around 20 minutes.

Takes route 325 heading north to KM. 32 then take a right turn to route 3011.

It takes another 5 kilometers until you arrive at Tha Kha Floating Market.